female Changeling Psion, hiding her true species by taking on the shape of a female Human


Jax is a slender woman, slightly tall for a Human but not too outstanding. Her hair is dark brown, straight, and is usually loosely hanging down her shoulders with the top strands tied and woven into a simple tiara. She is pale, but not in an unhealthy way.

Even though she is 32 years of age, she still appears to be in her early twenties; the result of a slight touch of vanity combined with a shapeshifting ability. However, her dark brown eyes reveal her true age, as they look into the world with a sadness and wisdom unbefitting of a young one; they’re the eyes of someone who has seen much of the world and its people.. and in the past years, mostly its darker side.

She usually dresses in long, dark and simple robes that are barely adorned, as she doesn’t like to attract too much attention. She often wears long sleeves to cover the Mark of Scribing on her right upper arm, but isn’t overly careful or consistent with this – especially when she’s in an area where such a mark has no meaning or relevance to the people she encounters. If need be, she can perform a ritual to make the Mark invisible for a time.

Through years of experience with this particular form (that being the female Human), Jax has mastered the looks and nothing in her appearance reveals her true species. Strong emotional shock, however, may cause her to briefly falter in her act and allow a perceptive person a glimpse of something slightly out of place: a skin paler than usual with the slightest hint of transparency, a few strands of hair getting a dark greenish glow, a dark shade around her eyes. So far there hasn’t been anyone who caught on to this (and she intends to keep it this way), although she suspects that her mentor was able to see through her fa├žade.


As a young girl, Jax one day stumbled upon the scene of a man being robbed in one of the quieter streets of Metrol, Cyre’s beautiful capital city. She managed to talk the thief into believing that it really wasn’t a good idea to do this, and as such saved the man’s belongings (and probably his throat). The relieved man, who turned out to be a prominent member of Cyran government, saw potential in the girl’s talents and his interest was piqued. A week after the event he visited her parental home, asking her parents for their permission to take in the girl for study and servitude to the country of Cyre.

Jax decided to take on the name Jacqueline, since ‘Jax’ didn’t really sound Human and she didn’t want to raise any suspicions within the walls of her new home. She was trained in Psionics, as it was quickly established that she had remarkable mental powers. Her mentor, a Dwarf Psion/Wizard named Murin Oakenbeard, took her under his wing when her parents sent word of their plans to emigrate to a country in the east. From then on, Murin was the closest thing Jax had for a parent; her own parents hardly ever contacted her again once they had left Cyre. It was limited to the occasional brief letter once every few months and a card with a gold coin every birthday, but once she had reached the age of 15 she never heard from them again.

Among the people within government, Jax became known as the Mediator; she had an uncanny ability to hush up arguments and pacify agitated people, and she always tried her best to prevent fights from escalating.

Aside from her mental prowess she showed an interest in foreign languages, which was fed by taking her along on visits to the embassies of various countries and races in Metrol. Perhaps it was this stimulation, combined with the introduction to the world of diplomats, that caused the Mark of Scribing to manifest itself within her at the age of 17.

Once this Mark was discovered, Murin immediately set off to pay the House of Sivis a formal visit, taking Jax with him. He assured the Gnomes that it was in both their best interests if Jax were to stay where she was and use her qualities for the good of the country. Within two weeks House Sivis sent a messenger, informing Murin that they would agree with the proposed purpose of the girl on a few conditions yet to be determined. By the end of the month everything was settled, although Jax was never told what exactly the conditions involved.

As soon as she came of age, Jax was sent abroad with some of the more experienced diplomats of Cyre. Her Mark and telepathic powers made her quite an effective diplomat, and after 2 years she was considered good enough to be sent off on her own. She travelled a lot between Cyre and the various other countries of Khorvaire, and later even to other continents.

While she was on a mission in Sarlona, she was greeted one morning by a messenger who brought the horrific news of Cyre’s fall. In shock, Jax tried to interrogate the messenger (by abusing her mental powers; something she still slightly regrets) in a desperate attempt to find out what exactly happened, who caused it and why. Naturally she was left none the wiser (and the messenger was left quite bewildered), which wasn’t satisfactory to her at all. Without a government left to report to, she decided to abort her mission and spend her time finding an answer to all her questions raised by this tragic event. And, hopefully, find Murin alive and well..

It has been a few years since the Day of Mourning, and she still hasn’t found that many answers. She has resorted to adventuring, both as a cover-up for her investigation and as a means to further improve her abilities.


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